Friday, September 12, 2008

Wahoo I'm excited!!

I signed up for a fall quilt give away that starts Oct. 1. I need to find a prize to give away??? Yikes, oh it's only the 12th! So have a bit of time to find a cool prize!

On the home front DH did get the message!! Don't think he'll be eating at the bar anytime soon!! LOL
We did get some food shopping in today. Have a turkey breast to cook tomorrow, not sure how I'm going to cook it. We had sloppy joe's with potato salad & cole slaw tonight. Going to freeze the rest of the ground beef into burgers. We got more yeast to make more Angel biscuit dough, he loves having fresh biscuits in the morning!!
DH has a man's free health screening appt. in the morning at the health dept so he can't eat or drink anything after midnight. So i'll be on my own for a bit. Have yard work alway's! Got my neighbor's yard done this morning, DH cut our back so just the front needs cutting. Still have more to do on that monster rose bush. And I've been working on a front flower bed, digging some weeds & dirt out, so I hopefully can top it with mulch to keep the weeds down!
Or I could forget all that & sew!!

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