Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm being tested for sure!

I worked from home today, DH went & filled out an application. He wanted to know if I wanted McDonald's this morning, no thank you. Than he was going to cook sausage & egg's & did I want that, no thank you. I didn't plan any dinner after he planned his own dinner last night!! LOL I'm a witch! So after my last one at 7 I said I was going to Food Lion, no dog food or cat food. He wanted to go said he was getting hungry & he would buy McDonald's. So I had some french fries & he was like don't you want this burger?? No thank you!! So I have no meals planned out, gonna let him figure it all out!! He hurt my feelings by thinking of himself only last night?!

Remember when I almost went head first off the ladder?? I did smack my face/lower jaw on the tray. I think I did something to my bottom front teeth?? I need this like I need a hole in the head?? So need to make an appointment with the dentist ughhhh not fun!!

I see there's part of this story missing from yesterday
DH went to our corner bar after pricing a job & ate dinner there without me, while I was working at home?? He got the job after the lady decides on a color, plus has the added bonus of planning our meals!!

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