Thursday, September 25, 2008

crazy weather>??

OM-Gosh y'all DH got a thing in the mail ya know come to our car dealership get prizes yada yada yada!!
So we go this morning, get to the parking lot.
They are like vultures tee hee I stay in the truck, cause I know he can't get into trouble without me!!
Ha ha this dude drives up & go's inside, he comes out his dog has gotten sick all over the floor ,door, etc. hee heee.
Said salesman being the big man he is goes I'll get a trash can & paper towels.
Said owner dude says's let me walk her, said salesman's dude comes with trash can & paper towels & was going to clean it up!!
Said salesman almost throws up, I about die laughing watching all this & he hears me laughing which makes it all the funnier to me!!
I about wet myself laughing, could not get a grip!!
Needless to say this has tickled me all day!!
We did go to Harris Teeter they had chicken on sale so I used my rain check to get 4 packs of family/value packs of thighs & legs for 27 cents a lb! Also helped I traded a 5 dollar scratch off for a 50 winner!!
So I have some put up in the freezer & some simmering to be deboned & some in the crock pot. I need to find the recipe for y'all sounds weird but I think it's going to be good!!
Our weather is still wacky cold, rainy & windy like 30 to 45 mile winds???? I need to go throw some cheap steaks on the grill, having smashed potatoes & salad for dinner tonight!!

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