Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yippiee a day off!!

I had a busy day yesterday!! Was fairly busy at the salon, than hit Food Lion. They had fresh hams on sale & pork loins too!! So I got one of each. Cut the loin in half & froze one. Have it in the crock pot with some brown sugar, soy sauce, garlic & onion soup mix. I have the ham in the other crock pot with white sugar, onions, red wine vinegar, soy sauce, ketchup, garlic, salt & pepper plus a splash of hot sauce.We went last nite to this little ice cream looking place called Sahara they have the best sandwiches!! I had a Souvlaki Sandwich mine was made with beef tips!! Ymmmm(Souvlaki wrapped in pita bread with tomatoes and onions, served with french fries and tzatziki sauce.)DH is not so adventurous & had a turkey club!! LOL And a blueberry shake. We sat out under the pergola to eat & boy was it hot!! So we are eating & DH's cell goes off it's his supervisor, he's here from WV & doesnt really know where to go or anybody! He invites us over for a beer & chat. OK it's right around the corner from where we are. Get there & he's had a few LOL & showing us the house the company rented for them. There's no furniture in the front room no kitchen table, go to the living room & there's a couch & a couple of lazy boys, TV is on but no sound. I look at quick like ya know check it all out!! LOL he has a porn movie playing??? I'm like what the heck??? Needless to say we didn't stay long LOL I busted him too cause you know I had to say something!! He was so embarrassed he said forgot is was on YEAH RIGHT!! Ewwwwwwwwwwwww

Off to play outside before it gets too steamy hot!!

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