Monday, June 2, 2008

Good Monday Morning!!

I had a blast yesterday by myself!! Went to Walmart early to get my interfacing to finish up a purse. Than I worked out in the yard till I got too hot!! DH called around 9 & I panicked LOL the one guy didn't show up???? But he called just to tell me & I didn't have to go help him!! Yippiee!! This guy even called Saturday night to confirm they were still going to work?? What is wrong with these kids??Than my neighbor came over & looked at my purses. What she really wanted was for me to look at her lopper, the chain came off!! So fixed that for her & we chatted for abit. Then I messed around with plants on the deck & sat in the hot tub!!! Today is my nephew's 21st birthday!! I can't believe he's 21!!! Yikes I feel old!! Happy Birthday Ryan!!

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