Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday already!!

Ughhhh feeling rough this morning!! We went to Billy Goat's for a friend's birthday. Plan was to have a drink or 2 then head out for our date nite!! Boy did that backfire!! LOL Birthday girl's new boyfriend had to make a scene & was going to leave her there!! Such drama.......anyway a bunch of us went to our regular watering hole to get some food. Was yummy haven't been there in a long time so got to see a bunch of people, including an EX ewwww DH was going to sit next to him, I was like NO I'm not sitting by him!!! LOL We had fun, but I remember why I don't drink anymore!! I have to stop & pick up paint for DH on my way to work ,he's working today too & doing a side job tomorrow. Hopefully his help will show up & I will not have to work with him!! Plus I still need to do the stuff we didn't do last nite!! Like go to Cingular, I'm still having trouble with my phone, so going to bite the bullet & get another 2 year contract & a free phone, DH's line get to upgrade too, so we will have an extra phone than too!! What makes me mad is all the ringtones stay with the phone & you have to pay to get them again?? I think that's wrong!! Than have to go food shopping & Joanne's for iron on interfacing. I have one more purse to finish the straps on!! The boss ordered one when I took them into work yesterday!! She wants a large pocket on the inside to hold a money bag.

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