Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Feels like another Monday!

Hi all!! I got woke up in the middle of the night, by Tango kitty knocking my ceramic jewerly box off my dresser?? I couldn't walk over & turn the light on. Cause I couldn't see what it was?? Just stuff all over the floor, 0f course DH didn't wake up?? Well I ended up turning the bathroom light on & pushed it all to the the side of the dresser. Talk about a rude wake up!! Good news DH got promoted today gets a company van & phone & a raise!! Thank you Lord!! I've been praying hard since the refinance fell thru!! He's not home yet, had to go price a side job!! So if there's anymore details I'll let you know!! Other good news I got my Desperate Housewifes package today!! I can't wait to look at the cookbook!! Also got a pink t-shirt, 2 red oven mitts & an apple timer!! Thank you Babette & Desperate Housewifes!! And of couse Bakespace!!! Now for the ughhh news!! I feel like crap, cold, headache & my ears hurt?? Making a cup of tea right now!

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