Saturday, June 8, 2013

Some of what I've been up too!!

Chapel Hill Hospital taken from just outside the 2 level parking deck. We have to walk allllllll the way down there!! LOL  photo 20130531_113832_zpse99b450c.jpg Finished a quilt, couldn't decide which pattern to use so I did both!!
 photo 20130524_082150_zps4360c0c7.jpg

Took a picture of Harley all calm before the storm the other day!

 photo 20130526_113857_zpsf3d9b6e7.jpg



Barb said...

Love your quilts....hope you are recovering well.

Gene Black said...

Your quilt looks great!

Chris Coyle said...

That seems strange for a hospital - no attached parking garage? :( I guess you're supposed to get dropped off. Love the quilt and Harley pic! :)