Saturday, January 26, 2013


Roommate & I pooled our resources & cooked dinner together!! Started with this: Garlic Shrimp

  Cheddar Cheese Sun-dried Tomato Bread

  And ended with this:I saw these on Pintrest Blueberry Tart


Suzan said...

It would appear that you are feeling much better! The shrimp look especially delicious. When I get to Holden Beach this summer I am going to eat all the shrimp I can. I miss real seafood that you just can't get when you are landlocked!

Sweet Pea said...

I'm hoping that all this food means that you're feeling just a teeny bit better?

Kate said...

If you were able to prepare and eat this then you must be feeling better - that's good news!
It's not fair to post such yumminess early in the morning .... I'm looking at this pre-brekkie and it's made my tummy rumble. :D

andsewon said...

Hope it all went down well and you enjoyed all that yummyness!

Gene Black said...

Mmm, I am sure it was delish

Robyn G. said...

I'm thinking of you and praying xox

helly5 said...

What a feast, it all looks delicious. Hope this means you are feeling a bit better :)

Kim said... good was it?

Happy Sewing