Wednesday, September 12, 2012

225 of 366

Meet Ava this is my little brother's dog. He had got her as a puppy, than he was on the road a lot when he got her. So he gave her away to a friend of his. So his friend is having to move & can't take her :( So he gave her back to my little brother!!


Sweet Pea said...

Sweet story. Looks like Ava is happy to be back.

Needled Mom said... he is glad to have her back again.

Chris Coyle said...

There's a new twist on "what goes around comes around." Glad she was able to be passed to someone she already knew! Not sure how far a move it is, but hope they have occasion for visits. :)

helly5 said...

Isn't that great that Ava is back with the person who chose her? She looks like a happy dog :)