Sunday, May 20, 2012

123 of 366

OMGosh the floating movie prop from Pirates of the Caribbean is docked here this weekend!! Tours are $10.00!!


Robyn G. said...

Oh boy! That would be so exciting!
Loved Pirates :D

Tonya said...

how cool, did you go? I think I'd be skeered.....I'm skeered of pirates

Pat said...

Did you go? We have a very old ship that comes near to us a few times a year....we've been on it once. Now...if they had Johnny Depp on it, I'd probably go a LOT. LOL

Cyndi said...

How cool is that?!! It would be even cooler if "Captain Jack Sparrow" was on board...woo hoo! :o) By the way, did you go on a tour?



helly5 said...

Wow, that's so exciting! Have you been on it yet? :)