Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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out of focus Carolina jasmine

Cheddar Dill Beer bread

Bird on fence

New design purse

Inside of new design purse

Bri co-worker, last day is Friday :(

Boy Quilt done!!


Gene Black said...

Mm is that homemade bread? If so I am sure it was wonderful hot!

nice quilt too....

Chris HyeThymeCafe said...

MUST post bread recipe! I'm a huge dill fan ... and cheddar, but can't say I've had them together. The bread looks beautiful though. I want some ... NOW!!! [belly rumbles]

And I can't open it large enough to read the print, but I love the fabric you used for your purse. Very cute!

Cyndi said...

Nice photos, and I agree with everyone else...that bread looks yummy! It's breakfast time here and it's making my mouth water!



2012-throughacameralens said...

Lol, You'd best cut another slice of that bread now I'm here! Then we can smell the flowers, watch the birdie and look at your handcrafts :D.

helly5 said...

Looks like you have had a busy few days, I am keen to try that bread recipe :)

Sweet Pea said...

That bread looks sooooo good!
Looks like you've been extra busy too.