Saturday, February 18, 2012

38 to 44 of 366

LOL I have gotten so far behind!!!
So trying to catch up a bit!!
Roommate upgraded my washer! NICE!!

Free firewood! YAY!

Free couch & love seat!!

Honey Lime Chicken

Pesto Chicken

Spaghetti Sauce

Lebanese Chicken, this was really good!!


Needled Mom said...

Sounds like you have been busy!!! Yeah for a new washer!!

Cyndi said...

Wow! Great list, Laurie. My poor camera hasn't been used in weeks! And here's to roommates that upgrade washers! Who could say no to a free couch and love scored big with those.

Have a great weekend!



andsewon said...

New washers are up there close to rubies at least!! Free is a real good thing!!!!You are cook'n up a storm! Speak'n of which we out here in my boonies are to get some snow and winds off the Nor'easter!!! UGH!Hope what you all get is minor as well!!

laurie becker said...

YUMMY pictures!! And I love the firewood picture too :) Nice catch up Laurie!

helly5 said...

Wow, you have been busy cooking, all looks yummy and yay for a new washing machine!