Sunday, January 15, 2012

14 & 15 0f 366

So I totally forgot yesterday to post a picture:( I got home from work around 6:30 & was so cold I snuggled up on the cuch with a nice warm quilt & was out!! I woke up & headed to bed!!  Plus my tummy is having issues?? So today I cooked!! Yay I decided that buying lunch out at work was costing a small fortune! I had to go food shopping big time!! Got some great deals!!
So I cooked a pork roast in the oven with a rub of olive oil, salt, pepper & garlic. Put a beef roast in the pressure cooker with the same rub.
Put a pot of pinto beans on, NOM!!

Plus made chicken parmigiana!!! I used simply recipes, recipe!!


I'm going to package these all up in meal size & freeze so I don't have to buy lunch out!!! I'm waiting on the chicken to cool & I want to taste it so bad!!! LOL


Barb said...

You are so clever, and those pinto beans, I could live on pinto beans.....maybe I will make up some for tomorrow.

Gene Black said...

I take a short lunch break so going out to eat isn't possible. I often cook and prepack meal. It saves a lot of money.

Danielle said...

I need to get that organized! your chicken parm looks delish

~Laurie~ said...

Your pictures are making me very hungry girl!

Stitchin' time said...

Lol, now you can spend your lunchtimes catching up on your reading instead of waiting in a line to buy lunch.

andsewon said...

Love me some pintos and hot corn bread!!!
All your food look yummy! DH takes food from home to office as well. Does save $$$ for sure!