Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wow what a day yesterday!!

First this is why you should never run a RED LIGHT!! Look in the center of the picture the car is upside down. She ran the light & clipped a car that started thru the intersection went airborne & flipped. She went to the hospital on a stretcher. I'll have to check the paper to see if she's alright! This happened right outside my work!

Than SWEET I won one of the prizes from the giveaway hosted by Adventures of Aliceland!!!! You must check out her fun blog!!

Than I decided to do another giveaway cause I didn't do one for my 300th post. So LOL right now it's a surprise even to me giveaway. So if your a follower, starting tomorrow you can leave me a message telling me your best silly story!! LOL

Some of you know this is a hard month for me, my Dad will be gone 3 years on the 14th :(
So I run the giveaway starting tomorrow April 7th DH & I's 7 anniversary till April 14th. I'll post about it tomorrow morning to get it started. Than I'll find something fabulous for the prize!!
So if your a follower & love silliness & surprises I expect to hear from you!! So this sneak preview will give you time to think!!

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Needled Mom said...

Wow...hope she will be okay. I will definitely try to NOT run any red lights.