Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Checking in!

Well it's been a busy week & time has gotten away from me!
First Susan's Mom passed away late Sunday night the 18th :( She having a memorial service for her in NJ on Saturday the 1st. Plus some of her business friends are having a celebration in honor of her Mom this Friday @ 5:30 to 7.

Than Monday night I went to the Dr. they said UTI gave me meds for 4 days. Well they didn't work, so I had to go back Saturday morning. Gave me a different med. for 5 days & said possible kidney stone?? They also gave me some pain meds. which I haven't taken cause I haven't had enough pain to really use them, yet. Drink lots of water to try & flush it out!! I read online it could take a month for a stone to pass?? That's crazy!!

Than Mom & I bought jelly rolls at Joanne's for 50% off. We are both doing a square in a square blocks. She's using a 2 1/2 square from the roll for her centers. I'm adding other colors & using a 4 1/2 square for my centers. LOL last I talked to her she had 60 blocks done & I had 20?? I've done a few more & got tired of sitting so I cut the rest of the roll into the sizes I needed.

Ugghhhhh I have a picture of the jelly roll but blogger & Picasa aren't playing my game!!


Gene Black said...

I was shocked at blogger last night when I uploaded the two pics I added. It was so completely different.

Gene Black said...

Glad to see you are reading/researching about the stone on the net. There is some wonderful information out there. LOTS of water. (plain water, not tea, not koolaid, or crystal lite or anything else- but you can put some lemon in it!)

Dena said...

I'm sorry to hear you're having health issues. Hopefully your physician will diagnose the problem and put you on an effective treatment plan.

Can't wait to see what you and your mother are working on. Sounds like fun!

lani said...

UTI stingy hey i just bought a jelly roll quilt book it is quite sorry for ur friends loss it is so sad to loose your loved ones...have fun with the jelly roll and mommy...god bless