Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last day of March???

Gosh knows this month has flown by!!
Thank you all for the birthday wishes!! We had a great time celebrating all weekend!! Friday DH & I spent it outside whacking down over-grown trees & bushes in the backyard! Fun right?? LOL boy were we sore!! I had to work Saturday 10 to 2, than I went to a Ladies Only party. I sat next to someone I didn't know, but she was a hoot we both laughed till we cried!! She has the same silly sense of humor I do!! Was a blast! DH worked on Saturday too plus a couple of hours after church on Sunday! Yippee!! Than we went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D!! I so totally loved it!!
Off with your head!!! tee hee!

So speaking of that movie y'all need to go to this blog Adventures in Aliceland she's having a fabulous giveaway!! What a fun blog too!! Hurry cause the clock is ticking Ends April 5th!! So do your best funderwhacking on the way over!!!

Spring has arrived here!! I planted yellow squash & have 5 coming up already? I also planted parsley, oregano & basil. Parsley & oregano have sprouted too!! I hope to get some pictures tomorrow!


Needled Mom said...

I was away and missed wishing you a happy birthday so guess I will just have to wish you a belated one. May your years bring you much happiness.

Yep....I have no idea where March went either, but happy April!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

So glad that you had a wonderful birthday!

Dena said...

Happy belated birthday! Glad to hear you had a nice day spent with your husband.

Adventures in Alice Land said...

Wow, what a fabulous blog! I so enjoyed meeting you. Thank you for mentioning my giveaway! It's a fun and great way to meet new people.

I've marked you as a fav, so I'll be back soon! Thanks again - Alice