Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Spring!!

Boy yesterday was a whirlwind of activity!!!
We went to the beach, DH has got a house to paint out there. Got all set with the home owner, except she wants to start it on Thursday.
hit a yard sale on the way home DH bought me a queen duvet cover, I want it for the fabric. It's really cool! Plus a bread-maker, mine died awhile back!! So yippee!!
Then we had a surprise birthday pig picking to go to last night. I took a baked rice casserole & every bit of it went!! All the food was fabulous!!
Than I found a new to me site & I've made 2 recipes from it already!!
It's called Southern Plate!! My gosh hurry go check it out!!
I made Mama's Mandrin orange cake so hopefully it will come out like Grandma's.
It has to sit in the fridge for 3 days? LOL it's killing hubby to look at it & not cut it!!

pictures 207

Than my giveaway wall hanging arrived, let me tell ya's the pictures do it no justice!! All the corners on the left side are all cut outs & hand sewn on! Judi at Green Fairy's machine quilting is unbelievable fabulous!! Thank you Em!!
pictures 205

I made some sugar cookies too, some came out a bit dark!
pictures 209

Than this one on the front shutter just cracked me up!!


Needled Mom said...

You did have a busy day!!

That quilt is just gorgeous and the quilting is stunning.

i hope you can get some R&R today.

Gene Black said...

Wow..that is a pretty cake AND a pretty quilt.
When you say "Judi" are you talking about the Green Fairy?

Pat said...

I was with you and smiling until that last picture on the front shutter.....LOL

joanne lendaro said...

The cake looks yummy!! And dark cookies were baked for dunking. The quilt is beautiful and the shutter, made me shutter!

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

love that quilt, will pass on the cake and sugar cookies, though they look devine

lani said...

that wall hanging is so pretty