Thursday, November 12, 2009

So rainy yuck!

Our weather is a rainy yucky mess! It's gotten colder too.
After my emotional day yesterday I decided I was only going to do what made me happy today! LOL I didn't have any hair appointments, they all are coming next week.
I went to our home owners insurance company after they called yesterday & said we were cancelled?? They had no idea what was going on?? So we are all good there!
Then I went to the new salon to give one of the girls a baby quilt for her new GDG! I got an order to make one in baby colors! SWEET!!
Than I went to Dollar store to get a few things. Went to the PO after that to get one of my orders out!! Yippiee!!
Than I was wet & cold so I changed my clothes, got on the couch with a puppy at my feet & a kitty under the quilt with me LOL & took a 20 minute power nap!
Than made a fresh 1/2 pot of coffee, yummm & decided to tackle the quilting machine!
Looking for the perfect speed, tension & stitch length. I finally got it!!! So I put the finally baby quilt of the four on the frame, got it quilted plus a Halloween wall hanging!!

Made a simple dinner of grilled steaks, steamed broccoli & carrots plus a baked potato.

I have to get my things I'm donating ready & marked for our church bazaar on Saturday. Have to be there tomorrow night at 6 to set-up!
I need a plan for dinner so it's ready before I go!!


Pat said...

The quilts look lovely. It must be nice to have a quilt frame. I can't quilt anything on my regular machine, so I hardly have any quilts large enough to use for me to snuggle under them....mostly just wall-hangings and table runners (too expensive to pay to have bigger ones quilted, ya know?) Oh, well...someday I'll have some bigger quilts to use. I'm glad today went well for you, too.

Needled Mom said...

Sounds like it has been a wet and productive time for you. Lovely quilts!