Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday, anyone shopping?

tee hee I got up at 4am????
Do you wanna go shopping??? I'm not really going! My tummy is hurting too much food from yesterday.
I have big plans to get some stuff done!!
Like a few more totes for gifts, the ordered baby quilt & the binding on the black, white & bright colored quilt!
Plus general stuff like laundry, straighten up you know that kinda stuff!!
Than last time we were at the in laws, DH raved about his step Mom's chicken salad. So I got her to tell me how she makes hers! Sweet so DH will be happy that I going to try & recreate hers when I make it next time!

If your out shopping please be careful!

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Pat said...

The farthest I will go is about a mile to the grocery store for eggnog and a few other things we need today.....that I didn't expect to run out of yesterday!