Friday, September 18, 2009

Yummy still cooking!

I browned up the beef ribs I got on sale in a bit of olive oil, than put in a pan & added some beef stock. Covered with foil for about 3 hours.

Than I took one of the whole cut up chicken & cooked it up for chicken pot pie. I used biscuits as my crust.

After my hubby got into it, so much for getting 2 meals out of it!! LOL


Pat said...

You are quite the cook!!! (And you take pretty darned good food photos, too!)

joanne lendaro said...

YUM!!! What time is dinner?? I'm coming to your house!!

Danielle said...

HAHA Tango, I didn't know you have a blog!! Then I saw this and recognized the ribs LMAO!!! Now if you have chicken little dancing around I would've know right away ;)

lesthook said...

Fried ribs are a favorite at my house. Need to try your way next time!