Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sew Saturday!

LOL My day yesterday was a bust except I made a Japanese Twist Bag out of a dress!
I had a color coming at 3:30 & she cancelled, than a friend was coming over at 4:30 & she cancelled too??? So I asked hubby if he wanted to go to the movies to see Julie & Julia. He said yes so we go to get his registration paid on his van & they are packed. So we leave & go to pay the taxes on my truck & ta da something goes right! Now we are on the way to the movies have 45 minutes to get there & wants to stop & eat?? I'm like now?? He's yes & what about feeding the animals?? So it ended with words & no movie!! So I'm going to see it at 4:30 with Susan & her Mom. I really think he didn't want to be seen at a chick flick! LOL
Oh & I made another friendship bag!

Twist bag

another started out of Moda charms, need lining & handle fabric

Friendship bag

Tango kitty helping on her own piece of batting & her own keyboard! LOL


Pat said...

You have a smart kitty...types AND quilts!!! LOL

Holly said...

Darling bags.