Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oh my my my!!

Tango's world has been turned upside down again:( Hubby got laid off yesterday? Just as we were tying to get caught up on bills! I'm at the end of my stress rope!!
So I found out that the next town over from us is having a Founder's Day celebration on September 12 & are looking for Art's & Craft vendors. So I called my friend Page, she makes hair bows & we are going to do it!! It's a one day event set up is from 7 to 8 & it starts at 10 & ends at 4. A 10 by 10 spot is $35.00, I'm excited!!
Here's Tango kitty helping me LOL

And my trial run of the Friendship bag. I'm not happy with the machine quilting:(

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Pat said...

I'm sorry to hear about the lay-off and hope he finds another job soon. Things are really still SO scary with the economy now. *sigh*