Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hello Friends!

Hi all Had a busy day!!
I was up with the chickens went out & looked at the lawn mower??? Ughhhh there's no help for it! The mesh part that covers the fly wheel got mangeled & I found a ball bearing on top of the deck. It's way over my head!
So I borrowered my neighbor's mower & got the front & back cut!! Weed wacked with my 3 dollar wacker that I had problems with it from the get go!! LOL what do you want for 3 dollars! So the third time the string broke in like 10 minutes I screamed Arggggggggg!! My neighbor yelled are you alright!! I yell back yes! I march down to the trash can waiting for pick up & smartly slam it in there! Ugggghhhhhhhhhhh it was HOT too! Than I had to clean up & go meet someone from the yard sale site I sold a sewing machine!! Yippie!! Came back & changed again, went back out & wacked a bunch of wayyyyyyyyy over grown bushes down a bit Man did that feel good!

I need my baby quilt finished for the shower on Sat???? Ackkkkkkk It's not even on the frame yet, but the top is done!
My batteries for the camera are charging so hope to get pictures up soon!


Needled Mom said...

What a day!!!!

Pat said...

Gee.......some frustrations there, huh? *sigh*