Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Good Wed. Morning!

Wow has our weather been kooky!! It has rained buckets coming down so fast our sandy soil can't handle it! Our poor street's flood cause there's no where for the water to go!
Been busy too. Got another one of Mom's quilts on the frame Sunday morning before Church. I'm using Quilter tissue paper, it's on a roll to do a flower & vine pattern. Having a little trouble staying on the lines, guess practice will help! I'm still afraid to try the laser light & work from the back!
Well no picture photo-bucket is down for maintenance.
Monday night was our Women's meeting at Church & last night was the yard sale meet up. Yesterday I had one heck of a day at work!! I took in 9 computers to be fixed. The bench tech was in a foul mood too!! That was no fun!! I went home with one heck of a headache!

Sew Meow has been adding some more fabulous stuff for her birthday giveaway!!
Go here & check it out!!

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sewmeow said...

Thanks again for posting about my FREE Birthday Giveaway. I appreciate it. Good luck with winning!