Friday, July 3, 2009

Fun Day LOL NOT!

I started my day all ready to go at 5am!! Coffee in hand made my mental notes as what I wanted to get done!

1.Cut the front grass check the gas etc. can't pull the cord??? Take it apart,change clothes, go get parts, change clothes ,fix it,not working take it apart, fix it again starter spring in backwards?? Only took 3 hours? Ughhhhh come inside have a nice cold glass of water & a yummy tomato sandwich!

2. Lay on couch & watch something thur my eyelids for 20 minutes

3. Go cut the grass!!! Finally done, I did the whole thing I was afraid to shut it off & it not start back up!

Lol I didn't get all I wanted to do done, so tomorrows another day! I did shell some field peas & snaps

In the crockpot

yummy tomatoes & squash

Sweet are on the left, peppers in center & dill on right

Pat & Norma I mailed out your treasures yesterday morning!!

Icebox sweet pickles
6 C Cucumbers
1 C Onions
1 C Vinegar
1 C Water
2 C Sugar
1 t Celery Seed ( I have used pickling spice too)
1 t Mustard Seed
1 t Sea Salt

Slice 6 Cups of Cucumbers
Slice 1 Cup of Onions
In a very large jar, place the cucumbers, onions and spices You can add other spices to your taste or preference.
Heat up the vinegar & water but don't boil add sugar till melted. Pour into jar & put the lid on. I always shake it a bit to get the spices off the bottom. Enjoy!

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Tonya's Sewing Room said...

I snapped a pot full of beans today as well, they were green beans.

sewmeow said...

Thanks so much for posting about my FREE Birthday giveaway on my blog:

My goal is to have 100 followers & appreciate your help.

Your fresh veggies look wonderful and love your canning pictures too! Thanks for sharing them with this "city" gal.

Pat said...

Thanks for this recipe, Tango. I'll be on the lookout for my bag from your giveaway! Tiring day.....worked at the church's art show and was there AT 5:30 and on my feet until lunchtime. Whew......tiring but fun....tonight sitting in our friend's boat (at the dock) to watch fireworks....safer to stay tied to the dock than to go out on the water with the nutty folks out there on the holiday! Sorry you had such lawnmower trouble.