Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Kick off 200th Post Giveaway!!

Wahoo Paula's list of have you ever...??? Was my 200th post!!

So I have 2 giveaways
This is for the sewer's
A Sole Cool Hot Iron Bag!!
Great for carrying your hot iron from a class!
I think it looks like a slice of watermelon!!
Was fun to make too!!

For the non sewer's
A barbeque apron & a potholder towel!!

OK the rules are To sign up if your really going to use it!
And tell me a story, embarrassing moment LOL something to make me giggle out loud!!And which one you want to win!!
You have till June 27 & winners will be announced on Sunday the 28th!
Good Luck!


Norma said...

I do love your give aways........been there twice!

Very embarrassing moment was when the high heel on my shoes kept getting stuck on the steps going to my sons wedding. I would take a step, pull my shoe loose, take a step, pull the shoe.....up a flight of about twenty steps. There was a entire patio full of people below, I think they must have though I had a little too much of the champage!

Pat said...

I love giveaways and that bag for a hot iron looks like something I'd need at classes and retreats. Anyway...something funny. I am deathly afraid of birds if they are loose and near me. When I was nearly 9 months pregnant with my daughter and barely able to move around easily, I opened the back door to go into my house and a bird flew in right alongside me. I instantly dove totally under the kitchen table and started with absolutely hysterical laughter and was petrified. My husband had to get the bird out and THEN get me out from under the table (which was probably much harder than getting the bird out of the house). It's a wonder I didn't go into labor......and I can assure you this story has been told many times and had many people laughing.