Monday, March 23, 2009


I didn't hear from Kellogg's, so called them on Friday. They said it was just not mixed in product. They are sending me a coupon for a free box. I have to call them with the product codes today, I didn't have them on me at work!

Then our kitchen sink clogged up??
Ughhhhhhhhhh we have worked on the stupid plumbing & are not able to get to the clog. I have crawled under my house & ewwwwwwwwww I got to in the middle & started to panic LOL I's a scaredy cat!!! So no kitchen sink for me yet boo hoo plus one of the pipes was cracked so we replaced that & it still leaks lol DH & I had a few choice words for each other!! Yes Dear!!! So have to call a plumber in. I want to switch the pipes under the sink to PVC. We had the P-trap replaced 2 years ago?? I think it should last longer?? No??

Than I found this: Moda Bake Shop
Scroll down to Basket of Turnovers. Is that not too cute!!
Here's what I did with some scraps, was fun next time I'm going to try the half squares too!! I also made it bigger for a baby quilt instead of a wall hanging.

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