Monday, March 30, 2009

OMGosh you guys

OMGosh you guys I had the most fun at work today!! The bench tech loaded Windows 7 on a Vista computer. I got to do the speech recognition on it!! Took about 45 minutes to get it all set up! So now I can put the head set w/microphone on & talk to the computer & does what I say with NO mouse Or keyboard! It's freaking awesome! I lost it when it said to say "change this thing" I whipped off the headset & there's Susan cracking up behind me!! LOL best thing is it only listens to me! Susan tried to say a few things but it messed up on her & the tech tried too & nothing! tee hee

I did our taxes on Turbo Tax yesterday, but it will not let me e-file?? Going to have to find out why??

DH worked at the temp place today delivering wicker furniture. He got a nice wicker couch & chair the people were going to throw out?? It's really beautiful!! I'll try & get pictures tomorrow!

Tee hee I forgot to tell this when DH worked painting that beach house last week he brought drapes home they were getting rid of. Told me they were nice NOT LOL looks like a circus threw up on them!!

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