Wednesday, October 1, 2008

LOL On some comments

Some of y'all have cracked me up with your comments!! Yes the Pfaff is not included I saw that was in there after I posted the picture!!

Susan let me go home 1/2 hour early yippiee!! I stopped at Walmart on the way home get more girly stuff ughhh!! This month has kicked my butt!! Hope I can get a good night's sleep tonight!

Other bad news today my cell phone's screen went out?? I've been tying not to get a new phone. Got a new battery than a new sims card so it's been limping along. So guess I'll go to At&t in the morning something I'm dreading I don't want to sign a 2 year contract!!
I did buy some Mahi Mahi I love fish & need DH to eat more fish instead of red meat!! Anyone have a great recipe??

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Jeanne said...

I need an email in order to enter you in my Fall into Fall giveaway. You can email it to me if you'd like.