Thursday, September 4, 2008

Good morning!
Yippee I have my own Internet back!! Over 15 hours without!! LOL I called to see if they were going to give us credit for the outage, yes!! I got 1.33 credited back! WOW
I only got one number on the power ball so I have to work today!I woke up at 2:30 with cramps:(
I called the attorney back , she never called me back last week?? So I talked to someone in the office & they told me I had to call the other one?? ughhh so I did & it is filed & has been filed since 2004! So I have to call her back today & give her some book & page numbers! What a relief!!
Have to do a haircut at 9 than have a couple of hours before the next than it's steady going!! So in that time space I'm going to move a couple of plants off the deck railing. So Hanna don't blow them off!!
Ekk need to get in gear!!

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