Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So much going on, I'm tired!!

Good morning

I've have been way to busy!!! Plus company almost every night?? too much eating ughh!! DH was off the weekend too yippiee!! We got a lot of yard work done in the back yard. We are trying the refinance thing again had the appraisal dude here last night. The attorney called me yesterday, said there's no record of the quick deed DH & I did?? Never was filed?? So my house is still in my & Ex's name??? I was so ready to scream!!! I went thru my entire file cabinet looking for the paper work & can't find it???? I think the other lawyer has it?? I'm praying for that have to call her today!!Speaking of Ex's today would have been our 30th Anniversary uggg!! LOL I did get a lot of old paper work shredded!!

I need to get my paper recipes typed into Master-cook!!

I need more time in the day!!!!

The techs at work are driving Susan nuts!! The one her son lives with her & pays for nothing or helps her in any way shape or form!! Right now he has a chip on his shoulder, LOL she told him he has to move out!! So they are fighting daily one of those she said he said!! I don't want to be caught in the cross fire!!

I did get my first quilt done on the new frame, just need to get binding & sew it on! I have the next one almost ready to go on!! Need to press the backing & put a seam in it. Than load it up!! I have my batteries charging to take a picture, the first quilt is called Boston Puzzle.

I need more coffee!! LOL to jump start my brain!!

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Louise said...

Would love to see a picture of your quilt you have quilted....
nice job on your blog site....
Hugs, Louise