Saturday, August 30, 2008


Ughhh DH met a old friend at McDonald's yesterday, gave him his cell number a pack of cigarettes & 5 dollars. This friend just got out of the hospital for having a seizure from drinking, has no job, no ID, no home. So he calls this afternoon & DH goes & gets him from downtown. Let's him shower & wash his clothes & gives him clothes to wear. I'm all good with that, than he's like talking about him spending the night??? I'm like NO!! What happens if he has another seizure or falls & he's going to sue us??? Plus I don't know him for all I know he could kill us in our sleep & he'd be sitting pretty for awhile??? I do try & not judge & will help if I can! I can't fix him, he needs to fix himself! I will not enable him! I fixed the emperor's chicken, green beans & parsleyed egg noodles, he took it to go?? I feel bad

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