Monday, July 7, 2008


OK y'all really ready for this crap??
I've been doing my bills online & pay attention to it really careful! I noticed this weekend that I only had about 250.00 to use?? There's was like 8 hundred in there?? So I'm like where's my money??? Today I get home & check my balance, there a debit pending for like 540.00??? ekkkkk I'm freaking out call the bank to see if they can see what it's for. They say their going to check it out & call me back........waiting like forever & I'm going to throw up!!! All I can think of is when I used my card at Arby's late Thursday & someone got my pin number. Oh I'm still gonna throw up!! So DH gets home & I'm trying to tell him all this crap & it comes out all in one sentence ,so he said calm down then tell me LOL So finally I get to tell him straight up. The bank calls & they can't see what it is???????Ackkkkkkkkkkkkk I'm still gonna throw up!!!!!!! Mean while I can't pay the bills I was gonna pay today:( Plus I had more money to deposit & I'm not going to do that if someone got into my account!!! Throw up at this point!!! Ewwwwwwwwwwww DH calmly comes in & asks the exact amount??? I tell him, he said that's the same amount of the paycheck I cashed on Thursday. I ask for the stub & we head to the bank. They said they will know more tomorrow. They think the teller did it backwards??? But why are they going against my account & not his business account?? Maybe cause his name is on that account too?? or cause I had money in there to cover it?? I'm so gonna fix that!! LOL Not worth the stress!!

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