Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4 of July!

Happy 4 of July!!!
Hubby & I are both sick:( He went to Mediac Wed. night & got meds. I'm hoping to not get as bad as him. I've taken vit. C & day-quill trying to nip it in the bud!

Susan's 50th birthday was yesterday. A bunch of us went downtown for a few drinks & appetizers. Was fun till our waiter got a attitude, where it came from I don't know??? We were at Elijah's on the river sitting on the deck. Beautiful sunset, saw them raise the bridge for the huge ship from Singapore! DH was sleeping when I left, called to find out if I fed the animals LOL then call me again at 9:45 to see if I was drunk & needed him to come get me. I said no I had only 2 drinks cause I didn't feel good plus being downtown & a holiday weekend. I didn't want to be stupid!! DUI's here are expensive!!! Then he said he was hungry?? So I was right by Arby's ,stopped & got him a few 99 cent roast beef sandwich's. Than as I was walking to my truck I see 2 guys coming from the parking lot. They see me & start walking faster toward me. I never jumped in my truck & locked the door so fast!!! My heart was pounding!! The one dude was standing by the door telling me to put the window down??? I just waved & backed up & outta there!! Totally freaked me out!

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