Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wow I haven't posted??

Been awhile since I've posted??

Was down with girly troubles, have 2 fibroids that I need to do something?? Got a number for a new Gyno,need to call & make an appt. trying to wait till my new insurance kicks in!
Ugggghhhh wish I could wave a magic wand & all would be good!!

Than I heard this my brother put my parents dog down:( Mom gave her to him when Papa was so sick. They don't have a fenced yard & Mom was afraid to take her for a walk at night in case she fell or something. We are both about 45 minutes away. He didn't even let us tell her good-bye:( I'm sooo sad:( He said she snapped at him & Skylar & she was having a hard time with the stairs. Broke my heart!!

As for today Coffee's ready !! DH finally has a day off!! Yippiee, so no clue as what we are doing?? I've been cleaning up the foyer & kitchen. Just put some clothes in the washer & have to empty the dryer & dishwasher. Did all that than DH said let's out for breakfast wahoo no cooking!! Than hit Walmart! LOL I have a panic attack when I go there after 7 in the morning!! LOL stress's me to the max!! So today it was fun, I pretended to push people's head's into the cooler, that were blocking the aisle's or what-ever!! LOL DH was impressed I was laughing thru the aisle's!! He busted out laughing when I told him how I was coping with it!! Told me I was crazy!! LOL I said but you already knew that!!

All day I've been cleaning & doing crazy piddle stuff! LOL Took Harley to get her nails clipped at Petsmart, she clawed me on both arms! Ouch!! Found a recipe for a cake to make for Susan's birthday, she'll be the big 50 on Thursday! She love Snickerdoodle cookies, so I found a cake recipe to try!! Now I've been playing on this site oh my!!

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