Sunday, June 15, 2008

Saturday's Adventure!

I stopped at the thrift store & filled a bag for 7 bucks!! LOL the lady told me I would never fit that all in a bag!? I did it!! I got 4 stainless steel serving spoons, the kind with the long handles, a purple dress & matching jacket, 8 placemats, 1 twin flat sheet, 1 full sheet set, cute bunny salt shaker & 2 quilted pillow shams. Guess she thought I was just gonna cram it all in there, I rolled it all up & still had a bit of room, she was impressed!!! Than to top all that off! LOL DH calls ,the kid he's has working today stays at the company house. The supervisor tells him since he's not working for the company this weekend he can't stay at the house??? I'm like what the heck!! Supervisor is not working this weekend either?? I'm so mad, that's so totally wrong!! The kid is 20 will be 21 next week, he's has no car here, came down on the van. He lives about 1 1/2 hrs. from here. Anyway he's staying here tonight, I made cheeseburger pies & a pot of green beans for dinner. I have to get in the guest room & move those boxes of cards around. Going to put fresh clean sheets on the bed too!!

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