Wednesday, June 11, 2008

LOL I'm a mess!!

Hi y'all
LOL I'm still swinging off the moon!! I tell ya me & sugar do not play well together!! I left work at 3 took all the trash to the dumpster, than went & picked up one of the tech's work bags that he left on the job, stopped at Big Lots. They had lap top cooling trays for 13 bucks! Stopped by the old salon, dropped off papers I printed for one of the girls. Saw my biker friend Joker LOL he's a mess!! Then went to where my brother works at Mediac to show him the samples of block letters my sewing machine will do, he wants his name on his work shirts. Got home & started more laundry, took lasagna out of the freezer for dinner, changed & waited on my 5 for color! Cleaned up all that than keep right on sweeping down the hallway, bedrooms, bathrooms, changed again, heated dinner up. Swaped laundry around, folded up some & put away!! I hope I can sleep tonight!! LOL it's almost 10:15 & still going strong!!

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