Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Job?? What am I thinking??

Good morning!!! LOL I was up & gone by 7:30 this morning. Went to meet the owner of the salon, she's nice, laid back & funny!! She hugged me & wants me to start right away! LOL said I can work Friday & Saturday at the times given & if I want more to come on up.I then was a bad girl & stopped at the thrift shop tee hee!! I found a Brother vx710 sewing machine for 15 bucks!! Of course I had to buy it, came home & tuned her up sews like a dream, nice & quite!! I think I'll put the Singer one on Craig's list & sell her, she's OK but can't lower the feed dogs for free motion sewing.Susan's party last night was a hit!! I didn't get home till 8:45 & my ashes were dragging!!Check out this web site this lady was at the party & what a riot she is!!

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