Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's Saturday!!! Yippiee

Good morning
We turned our AC on last night it was soo hot here! DH got up in the middle of the night & turned it down brrrrrrrrrrrrrr feel like I'm sitting in a meat locker!Gonna try & hit a few yard sales, looking for some vintage sheets, to make more Pj's.I gave Harley a bath yesterday, plus trimmed her nails. I did hurt her on one I felt so bad but she didn't yelp either, just pulled her paw back. Didn't bleed much:( than after she was dry sprinkled her with flea powder.DH is working today & tomorrow:(I got Mom taken care of for Mother's day. She wants her haircut & her 2 featherweigh sewing machine's cleaned & oiled. Plus I bought her a Sak pocketbook, she loves those!!

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